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How To Build A Cheese Smoker For Less Then $12.00 :thumbs (metal detecting comfort food)

Smoked cheese is very tasty! :gr It must be smoked with cold smoke, and if you use a regular smoker, the cheese will melt. Building a cold smoker can be done for around $10.00. you need to purchase a soldering iron, about 30-45 watts. You can't used a used one, as the lead and flux are poisonous, and will make your cheese taste yucky. You also need an an empty tin can. I used an empty can of beans. using a can-opener, cut the lid about 3/4 around. Punch a hole in the remaining attached portion of the lid next to the rim. Now get your soldering iron as shown, insert it through the punched hole, then fill the can about 3/4 full of tiny wood chips such as alder, cherry, apple, birch etc. don't use pine or spruce, as it is too tart. Get a cardboard box, attach a tray of some sort near the top to put the cheese on, set up the smoker can, close the box, plug in the soldering gun, and wait one to two hours. The cheese should have a nice coating on it. Wrap it up tightly, put it in the fridge for at least a week to get the smoke flavor deeper into the cheese. Hope the cheese tastes good! You can also smoke sliced apples, hard boiled eggs, and salt.

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