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Bunch of stuff from the last couple months

Been doing a bunch of coinshooting kind of hunts lately, I'm more of a relic guy but my buddies aren't......finding silver coins & stuff and having fun.....bunch of pics from the last 2 months or so. Best find was the 1802 Draped Bust LC and the whopping 10 gram 14k gold chain....cha-ching!!!! The large cent actually came out of a modern city park, same park that I got a NJ Copper out of earlier this year. Well, thanks for looking and I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a safe and happy new year

This stuff was from the other day.....from large cent park, shot up wheat penny is 1909....its pretty cool, and a nice big flat button

This hunt was at the end of Oct or beginning of Nov....I don't, silver and large cent = a good day

Here's a close up.....pretty worn and crusty but you can see the date in the right light at the right angle...

The rest of the pics in no particular order is stuff from a bunch of different hunts and places

There's a nice Barber, a fatty Injun and silver ring here

Big honking 14k gold chain on this dig

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