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Lot of low tide morning silver

older silver...
different spot today
water was not calm as I would have liked - viz was horrible
could only see the white wing nut on my coil support - with my mask on
I mention this because if conditions were better - I would have done even better
lot of silt in the water and current was pushing me off targets now and then
first coin was stand lib quarter - so that made me feel good
lot of the other silver was down foot - foot and a half
silver ring was way down - barely gave a signal - fanned bunch of sand to make sure I even had a reading
rechecked and got a whisper - was hoping I had a gold when I look in scoop thru the cloud of sand and silt
and saw ring
marked sterling - so its an older one - relig. medal was a "big" surprise - its huge and also an older
one - marked sterling also
2 sil. quarters
8 sil.dimes (5 mercs - 3 sil.roos.)
buffalo nickel
sterling ring
sterling medal

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