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Water Hunting Warning :hmmc And Tips For Water Hunting.... :)

It's getting to be that time of year for a lot of us to test our endurance, maybe try water hunting for the first time and simply just put lots of hours on our equipment:

- Please make sure all your attachments ie coil, battery door and headphones are freshly lubricated with a silicone "O" ring lubricant, and "TIGHT"

- Take a pencil with an eraser, and use it on your battery connectors inside your box for a good cleaning to remove old dirt and oxides. Repeat in battery holders

- Consider taking batteries along on your hunt, as it might be a long tiring, waste of time getting back to your car for new ones

- Fill in your holes! I have found 2 foot holes in shallow water where little toddlers play. Aduults may consider them a safety hazard and complain....NOT GOOD!

Sometimes the laws of physics are at play without us even being aware of them. For instance, if you take a plastic sealed container, put a small pin hole in it and submerge it hot water, you will notice shortly that air bubbles will start to leak out under pressure, simply because the inside temp is warming up, causing a positive pressure.

Now reverse the conditions. Warm the plastic container up, and place it in cold water. What happens? The cooling of the temperature caused a low pressure or vacuum to appear inside the container, and in order to reach an equilibrium, it sucked in water.

Watch how hot your equipment is before you submerge it in cold water. A metal detector in the car trunk or in the car with the sun shining on it will cause it to get extremely hot. By putting it in the cold water, you are causing a tremendous amount of vacuum to be produced as the the inside of the coil, connector or electronics box tries to reach an equilibrium of pressure. Create enough vacuum in the coil, connector, splicing, electronics and you might get some leakage. your equipment off before suddenly submerging it in cold water. This is true for all makes and models of detectors. Although leaks can occur for many other reasons, this should surely help.

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