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Just hunted with my Ace 350 this afternoon..........

Took it out of the closet, and put some batteries in and off I went down to a local park with BIG sled riding hills....I'm still dumb founded on how freakin deep this unit is for an entry level detector... The grounds really soft and that helps for sure, but come on, every bit of 8 inches on pennies and dimes with loud solid hits.... ( one of those deep dimes was a 54 rosie ).............. Gees, now I'm wondering just how good is the AT Pro, or the AT Gold????

One issue I had with the garrett pinpointer.......... I had to keep setting the detector way in back of me while I pinpointed the target otherwise it would freakin go crazy...Shouldn't the companies pinpointer be compatible with the detector??

This doesn't happen with any other brand of detector I own....Any thought on how to fix this??

Mark ( ohio )

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