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Re: Have sold bunch - given away a bunch too and returned a handful

love returns-- have returned several class rings-- including one to an 86 yr old lady!!!! hobby highlite!!!!

John you and casper have so much.. yea its hard, but when you have to clean out estates of "Hoarders" and old folks that lived during the depression..... THEY KEPT EVERYTHING... yea its easier to let it go.

i would love to hunt a national park with a Ranger or authority to find stuff for a public display... not keep any , but be able to point to a display and tell my grandkid...GRANDPA FOUND THAT!!!!!!!!!! AND NOW EVERYONE OWNS IT!!! MEANING THE PUBLIC FOR ALL TO SEE.... (Gettysburg, Yorktown, Ticonderoga... you name it.) its the hunt not the keep for me..... i am 57.. running out of time to hunt... cant take it with me.. but can leave it for others to enjoy..

also give it to the people you want to have it if its a personal piece.. not wait until too late and someone else has to decide or some greedy smuck gets it. i was promised a couple of things by a relative worth less than $50 bucks from a large estate. never seen them. they were sentimental i turned down a $3000 piece offered because i felt it should have went to another person by rights, and it was given to that person. It was a boxed mint Browning sweet sixteen shotgun Belgian made. he taught his brothers kid to shoot and they hunted together for years. i felt right and good about it. i knew the deceased (uncle) would have wanted him to have it ( brothers kid was his namesake). i told the widow (aunt, my bloodside, they had no kids)when she left us and things were given i wanted the three little things...a picture, frying pan, and her little single shot 22 ($40 gun). they dissappeared. i did not say anything. i am still living without them and got similar items on my own accord. i have named things in writing to say who gets what and put it with a responsible person and more copies to others. its just material things. worldly things.. but the rush of the find.....Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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