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give the stuff away mostly

i dont find near as much as you guys, wish i did. i keep the few silvers for my grandaughter i have now. sold my gold but kept a couple rings for wife and her both recently. if its a trinket and someone says i like that... its thiers!!!

my wife and i have started to minimize our belongs some last year. recently we have been going thru my stepmoms junk since she went to assisted living. she did not throw away anything. ANYTHING.... OMG its a junk hoard!!!!! i refuse to do this to my kids!!!!!! THEY WILL NOT WANT MY JUNK FINDS...

silver and gold yea keep it. good artifacts $$$$ sell or donate to local museums. have a few special displays if you want. nostalgia give away. recycle metals like lead and brass and copper. keep a few select neat things for grand kid.leave toys on the park bench for some other kids.

you cant take it with you.... really.... finding it is the fun, with the fellowship included of other detectorists.

i like being a hunter.. not a collector..mho

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