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Sundays saltwater, silver, balls

Went to an old small RI beach on Sunday - I hit what you would call the "main" section which is only like
50 yards wide by 30 yards out right before low tide where it gets 6 ft deep
I had never hit way north of this spot - never see much for people down that way but figured years ago
they probably did swim down that way to get away from the crowds - went in right before low and went out to chest
deep. First target was old brass lipstick case and thought that that was a good sign. Little while
later I got an older key - nother good sign...but then I started getting can slaw and screw caps that
I believe were throw backs - believe guys found then in closer and tossed into deeper waters. All of the trash was on top
and was in the chest to chin deep water. All the keeper targets were a foot or more down. All the coins were crusty and
I thought I had more silver because even the pennies were caked. I got into a dead zone where I was getting nothing at all
and turned and went out to my limit with my mask and snorkel ...tide was all the way out but waters were rough - had
they been calmer I think I could've gotten out even farther. I got a nice hit and scooped down - target was still in the hole
and it was louder and thought I might have a deep sinker - was surprised when I saw large caked disc in bottom
of my scoop - silver half! Little while later I got a "whisper" of a signal - When I checked it in ID mode it did not read
too good. It was reading like small iron but I knew that my batteries were getting low and I always fan 4-5 inches
with my dive boot and rechecked these faint signals. I fanned and rechecked and now got a mid tone signal and
scooped. I hit rocks about a foot down and had to fan and work my scoop around to get the larger rocks
out so I could get down to the target. I finally got it and was surprised again when I saw the glint of gold shining
through the rocks I still had in my scoop. 1932 class ring! Glad I always try and dig everything.
Most of the good targets I had to work for thru the rocks.
Tide was coming in and I could not keep my position out where I was and started to work my way back to my GF
who was sitting where I entered. I got another nice signal before I got to her and once again was surprised by large grey disc
in the bottom of my scoop - odd thing is - its larger than a quarter and smaller than a half - so I don't know
what I have yet but believe its silver. I also was surprised to get two different size musketballs which were an added bonus.
I know the British were camped just up the street from this spot but they could also be there from colonials. I found
a colonial silver shoe buckle in the waters near here in the early 2000s and also found some flat buttons and
a few musket balls back then also. I could see my GF was getting cold as sun was going behind the clouds
and wind was picking up and I decided to head out. I got out, got in and got some keepers - I was happy

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