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Re: Do you tumble and polish the wood?

I have tumbled some in the past. It came out real nice too! I have buckets of the stuff, and would love to give you some, however, it's against the law to send it out of our country. See below:

PETRIFIED WOOD - If I find petrified wood on the surface on crown land or private land can I collect it for my collection, does it require a disposition?

Yes, it is legal to surface collect petrified wood in Alberta. The collector can keep it in their collection but cannot sell, alter or export it without first getting disposition.

Hey, I have never heard of polishing bone...….tell me l more! I get both petrified bone and old bones where I live. I sure would like to give it a try!

You asked about my coils which I use. My favorite is the 9" x 12" concentric coil. I have one for my ACE Series and AT Series. It covers a lot of area faster then a smaller coil and gives more accurate ID, which really helps when coin/jewelry hunting.

Last year I took up gold prospecting, to compliment my metal detecting. Gold rings are getting harder to find these days, so I now can get gold again. Hard work, but good for the muscles, better sleep and hopefully it will add some years to my life. All the best!

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