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Not much ...but got a few keepers

went out for a couple hrs on Monday down to CT.- had planned on using SNUBA
but water was rough so had to just go out at low tide with mask and snorkel
ran into another guy there - think he was just getting into water hunting
told him to visit here - so maybe we will get a new member - he said he was getting
iron targets he did not mention anything else - he thought he was using his machine
wrong cause he was not getting a lot of targets - told him - there was not much left
after locals peppered after Labor day and that I did not get much either...
Targets were few and far between but I managed a few keepers.
1944 Sil.Wash., 1925 Merc., no date buffalo with a D mint mark, silver band and surprise
was the old marble - possibly 100 yrs old
Oh - the bunch of keys - found near fishing area. My Gf notice the dog tag on it
had address on one side and phone # with nick name on the other side
Told if she wanted - try the #. She did and asked guy if he lost keys this year
and he said yes. He said someone at a bar stole his coat and keys were in it.
Told him where I found them and he could not believe it - bout 45 mins. from
where they took his coat. They must have tossed them in the water. He is lucky they
did not try and grab his car or break into home with them. He said his address is changed
we asked if he wanted them back since he replaced most of them immediately and he
said that would be nice - so sending them back to him.

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