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Better late than never...finaly got out and in

Health issues have kept me down most of the year but finally got some time to get out and get in
Last week I went to look for a lost wedding band - online it said park did not charge after Labor day
- they lied - had to pay $30 to park. Was really hoping to find & return but ranger told me a lot of guys hit water there.
Place was pretty clean. I found a few deep wheats over a foot down and got rings in a rocky area along with
a dollar coin which was a surprise. Ring with stone is 14k GF...shame it would've been a beauty if gold.

Took a ride to R.I. on Sun. to an old spot I used to hit years ago.
I know it gets hit by locals for fresh drops but spot has rocky spots and was hoping to get a few oldies - I did.
Second target was a caked silver Wash. quarter - 1940. Little while later I got caked silver
Little later I got a 1936 Buffalo - then finally saw yellow in my scoop. Scoop was full of rocks and as I shook it and plucked
out the larger ones I saw glint of gold in the bottom. Digging in the rocks was hard work but it paid off.
I got a Merc dime and final target before I got out was a silver ring. Not a lot for 2 1/2 hrs but at least
I got a few keepers.
Ring is marked VIRGIN GOLD 14k

Monday I went to another small R.I. beach. Once again a spot that guys hammer for fresh drops
and another spot that once you get down close to 1 foot down - you hit solid rocks here.
I have gotten old silver and gold in these rocks years ago because most guys give up cause they cant dig in
the rocks. I had one hit here early where there was a hole and I pulled an old key that someone
gave up on. I got older clad and a few wheats but no silver which I was surprised, but I did
manage another small gold band down about a foot that I worked hard to pull up
- 750 (18k) which made it worth hitting. You can see by the lack of shiny
fresh drops that others have cleaned those out of all these spots. Was upset that a lot of the
trash I got here was dug and tossed back - sitting right on top.

Temps getting colder up here - water will be soon too. Hope I can get a few more hunts in.
Good Luck if you get out

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