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This is my "FALL CONTRIBUTION!" Fall is not my favorite season although I do look forward to the return of cooler temperatures after the Florida hot summers. The first photo is what my 5 acre yard looked like several days ago for the third time this fall. Even then I had mulched about half the leaves and you can see the wind rowing in the second photo starting to appear on the left side of the driveway. I mean I cleaned it of all leaves, limbs, and pine needles that could be reached with a rake a month ago. It gets about 6" deep on the average. Everyone here says let it grow up and take care of only half of it. That's not acceptable to me though. Eventually I want to take out about 150 trees. It takes 4 days of moving the leaves first and wind rowing what the mower want mulch because it gets too deep where the mower just pushes them around. Then I rake the leaves first in piles and haul them to my burn site and burn them. That takes another 3 days solid. Then I have to go back over the yard again to rake the pine straw up that was under the leaves and takes more effort to get up. That takes another 4 days including burning that. The cheapest lawn service around here wants $500 each time during the fall and that's why I do it myself. In spite of the work its worth it to me now but that could easily change depending on my health.

The second photo shows what half the front yard looks like after only raking and burning half the leaves in the front yard. The photo is only covering about 2/3 of the front half. You can see some green peeking through. That's where the pine straw is not too thick. It will be green when that is raked too. Right after hurricane Michael I took out 11 major trees from 60 to 80 feet in height that were next to the house or the RV and pump shed, including two 30 - 40 foot artificial pear trees in front of the house and over hung it. Boy I'm really looking forward to no longer getting on the roof and blowing off pine needles and leaves as well as cleaning the gutters several times a year. I took this photo about 100 feet from my gate to wards the house in the background. So its about 450 feet to the house for a perspective on how much is involved. with over 250 trees that are mostly oak, pine, sweet gum and maple it can be a pain.

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