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Biscuit's Christmas Present! A new soccer Ball! It lasted 2 1/2 hours. It was his 5th so he's getting better at shredding them. But like all of them I got them at the dump! :lol :lol

No I'm not infatuated with my dog. It was just easier to post all the shots which were made with my phone camera than decide which I liked best! :lol :lol :lol I just couldn't believe how excited Biscuit was over this new Christmas soccer ball which was in perfect shape. I think he see's more color than most dogs and really is attracted to reds. In fact my wife bought two beautiful large poinsettia plants that came in baskets that she dropped inside each one of the large clay pots that sit at the bottom of the steps next to our front door porch steps. Within 15 minutes of her putting them in the pots I happen to be going around the house from the back picking up limbs and I saw one of them out in the side yard about 50' from the house. He had reached in and grabbed the basket dragging the plant out. He quit when his mouth started foaming from the white lactic acid which will make dogs sick if they get a lot but kill cats pretty quick. I put the plant back in the pot missing a few flowers but still pretty. He hasn't touched it again in a week. the ball was a break from chasing my grandson's Australian cattle dog non-stop for 3 hours. We had to bring his dog in because it was gasping for air. Oh I gave Biscuit a Christmas treat of two Prime Rib steaks and I roasted a whole deer shoulder for snack food the rest of the year.

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