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Florida Volcano - Of Sorts! :lol :lol

I started this fire in my yard on October 12th, two days after hurricane Michael hit the pan-handle. We only had short gusts of about 110 mph and sustained winds of 65 mph.
The fire has been burning continuous, rain or shine now for 25 days. I've never had to restart it in spite of several days of hard rain because initially it was sap pine and oak hard woods varying in diameter from 8" to 32". Currently the ash pile is a little over 4.5' high and 22' in diameter. Its the result of burning three trees that were over 90' tall, six were in the 70' range and four in the 50' range. Some trees were split and others snapped off 20' to 30' above ground. I cut the trees down to ground level and sawed them an average of 18" in length saving as much good wood for firewood for my two kids and a neighbor who use their fireplace. I used a maul and split 6 truck loads but broke 2 axes. The small limbs from the trees after I cut them and general debris approached as much volume as the trees themselves. That was burned too. In the past I would have hauled it to the dump but they were overloaded. Much is stacked along roadsides even today around the state. Its been a pain doing this by myself but I'm eternally grateful and blessed that the only damage was to a porch canopy I built for my father-in-law. Even then the frame was not damaged and only a 6" hole in the tarp roof occurred from a falling limb that went through it. The cost for a new tarp is only about $75. Considering my property has over 100 very large trees, my inconvenience is negligible. I would rather be doing this than going to a gym for exercise. In the photo you will see a loblolly pine behind and left of the ashes. It is almost 4' in diameter and not the only one I have. Only today have I completed mowing the whole yard (5 acres) and raking the front. I actually laughed as I completed the front only to note the leaves are starting to fall and one area looks like I never raked that part 2 days ago. I still have 12 large trees (70' - 90') that I have a contractor
coming (when he gets caught up) to take down that are too near my house for me to tackle and that will require a crane and boom. So I have no doubt the fire will not be put out until November 28th when I leave for the Treasure Depot NDL Detecting Trip. You would think I would have lost some fat working on this but it just ain't happening! :lol :lol On second thought that's not really funny! :( :(

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