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I'm a city boy also, but have helped friends that farm. The machines that harvest the corn are called combines. Combines will harvest a bunch of rows at one time as they go thru. They pull the ear from main plant and then separate the actual corn seed from the cob. It is then either put in a large holding container on the combine or it is blown thru a shoot to a tractor running along side that is pulling a wagon. One of those combines has no tractor with it so he is keeping it in it's own container. Combines are the modern way to harvest either corn or Soy Beans. Both are good Iowa crops. Farmers also rotate crops in fields. It is good for the crops and also the soil. Soy Beans from what I know loosen the soil if planted twice in a row. It's been a long time since Iv'e helped any farmers, but I have drove the tractor that was catching the load. My job was to take it in an unload when the trailer was full also. I did this for free. I use to be a trapper back then and it was in response for them letting me on their land. They did really feed me good when it was meal time. They are really great people. The front part of the combines speed can be changed for different crops. One farmer friend use to have regular corn crops, soy beans and also a very small hulless popcorn. He had to really speed the machine up for the popcorn to make it work.

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