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An un-expected surprise today!

Around 4:00 PM I finished one project in my shed and decided to take down/push over 5 trees of various types around the yard varying from 12" to 20" in diameter and cut them up with my chainsaw and then burn them. I got all down I wanted to and cut up one which I sawed up and loaded on the tractor bucket and took it to my burn pile around 6:00 PM. As I dumped it I walked around the mound and caught a glimpse of something that didn't fit. So I backed up and saw this small turtle about 5' from the edge of the ash pile which is about 200 yards from the lake up hill.

I immediately took it inside and got a few pictures using the standard 50 mm f1.8. Its a cheap lens. It stays on the camera more to have something on it and protect the mirror more than anything. But its also the only lens I have short enough to have on it and fit in the camera back pack's allotted space. As you can see from the photos of the turtle compared to a quarter and a peso what the size is. One shot has him sitting on top of one of my medicine bottle. He wasn't cooperative about coming out of the shell which didn't really matter to me. I just wanted to let it go as soon as possible. For the record this is not the smallest turtle I have had. My dad caught and gave me an alligator turtle when I was about 8 years old that you could cover up its shell with a dime. I had it about 2 years before letting it go. We were moving out of the state and I couldn't take it with me.

The available light was florescent warm but the camera was set to sunlight so the rendering isn't quite right. Otherwise its just cropped images and boosting the light intensity because I didn't use my flash. After I took the shots I took it down to the edge of the lake and put it out of sight of Biscuit or he would have thought it was another play toy.

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