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No photo but just a Biscuit Update.

Most of you know In spite of the fact my dog is overly rambunctious I still like and enjoy the dog. But he's still a pain in the A$$. Before going to bed I noticed he was on the front porch lying down looking out towards the road and our cat was right beside him doing the same thing. I took a phone photo but spared ya'll of another poor photo.

But of more import was Biscuit's stuffed cat was also lying next to the real cat in the same posture as if his two best buddies were with him lying down but on guard duty. Every time we think he does intelligent and cute things he has a way of lowering our expectations for the future. For example! .......

This morning we were rudely awakened by the door bell ringing incessantly just after dawn. To no real surprise it was Biscuit. My wife and I got to the door at the same time only to see him getting down from his two legged stance while pushing the door bell again with his paws. When we opened the door so see him smiling happily with his tail wagging from side to side as fast as possible as if saying "Good Morning! Where is my Breakfast?"

I noticed tonight when I came in from working on building a chicken pen across the yard that the door bell no longer lights up. However when I pushed it to see if it rings, it not only rings but now has a nice Fourth Of July arcing light coming out from around the button. I no longer have a regular full time lit up bell though which I was perfectly happy with. But alas I know what tomorrow's first project will be.

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