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With all the rain anybody can become buddies. Shot through a dirty door side panel with an I-Phone by my wife. Read after the last photo.

Since Saturday before last to Present, things can change one's mind about a dog. Last Saturday I found a used golf cart for $800 in good shape to make it easier on my father-in-law. He had been living on the farm and making his own meals until a couple weeks ago. I moved my trailered boats out from under my RV shed and put his trailer there. So now he comes to the house for meals 3 times a day in is cart which he likes but still has problem steering it and fiddling with the switches to change from reverse to forward. I knew it was a mistake when he ran into my truck with it and didn't tell me. My wife and I saw him do it but wouldn't admit it. Well he knows of Biscuit's tendency to chew things and I told him to cover up his seats but not to use anything colorful because Biscuit will take it off. So the second day Biscuit crawled up into the cart to get a flowery towel and his nails punctured a hole in one place in the front seat. Tom was not happy at all. I reminded him I told him not to do what he did and secondly he thought it was funny when Biscuit chewed a hole in my new Bad Boy zero turn mower seat trying to remove the embroidered bull dog in the back of the seat. That seat costs over $200. Well yesterday Biscuit chewed a hole out of the front and rear seats of his cart and Tom was upset. I was getting tired of hearing about it so I told him to either shoot the dog with one of his guns and I won't say or do anything other than bury the dog, but shut up about it. He was warned more than once and as far as I'm concerned its his fault. I will not tie my dog up more than momentarily to protect him, turn him over to the pound to end up gassed, nor drop him off somewhere. He got up, got in his cart and went up the hill to his trailer ...... until supper that is. At supper during the meal he started to bring it up again. I said you won't let it alone will you? He finished eating and went back to his trailer. We'll see what tomorrow brings. As far as I'm concerned the dog has caused me less frustration and a hell of a lot less money taking care of him.for the last 15 years.

By the way! Tom can't kill any animal so I had no concern with him shooting Biscuit. For 53 years I have had to be the one to put down any of his animals that were sick and in pain and were dying. Early in the year he couldn't kill and didn't want me to kill a rooster that had spurred him bad twice while feeding the chickens. The rooster has tried to get me once but he was scared of me and stayed out of reach. But I ate that sucker after he spurred Tom twice.

My wife said when she saw the damage and Biscuit nearby, she told Biscuit he was a bad dog! He took off running down the hill to get under the porch. After I had endured hours of hearing about it from Tom I went outside after supper through the garage. As the door was opening Biscuit came running in with his tail wagging ninety miles an hour and I looked at him and pointed my finger saying nary a word. Biscuit froze in his tracks, tail ceased to wag and he ran outside around back. I assume he got under the porch. Now this is a dog that has never been abused to my knowledge since he was only less than 6 weeks old when Linda found him along side the road staving to death. But he reads moods like he had a degree in psychology. :LOL :LOL :LOL

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