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That would be a really nice photo. They normally don't come out earlier than a half hour before sunset or an hour after dawn. You can

draw them up with rancid smells like fish, or oily dog or cat food, soft cheese and peanut butter. Look for stump burrows, hollow logs or even tree holes. Its illegal to own them in all but 16 states which require a permit. New York didn't used to be included. You only have to get sprayed once to know you don't chase them or startle them. As a rule though if you move slowly you can easily get withing 20 feet without them even caring. I've stood within 10 feet of a mama and several babies with no adverse reaction. Back when I was a kid and worked in a pet store they had a pet skunk and I liked handling it far better than a ferret and didn't smell as bad either. If you know pretty close where the melanistic skunk is then try and draw it to a good photographic spot.

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