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All are excellent but I like the mosquito hawk the best! I do have a question about your pond design.
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What is the purpose of putting plants in pots in the water? Does that limit their expansion (overtaking the pond) or to prevent liner damage or both? I have been going to build a new Koi pond for my wife someday. Their's just been too many other projects in the way of higher priority. Down here its not unusual to see free old boats advertised on Craigs List if you haul them off. Most are fiberglass. My point is I have been thinking about getting one or more of those boats and sinking it in the ground as a rigid liner and maybe connect them with a hose to sort of create a chain of ponds. Naturally I would have to remove all the top of the boat and flooring. But I shouldn't have to worry about roots growing through the liner or as the case may be, an armadillo or mole eating a hole. Then there's the high probability my dog's claws will puncture a standard liner. I have been collecting for 7 years pieces of broken china (mid 1800's) to use as a decorative mozaic on the side walls and cap for the pond. I have about 20 gallons of pieces now. What do you think? Any ideas pros or cons? It can be a separate email.

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