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Your work is always premium quality. You just don't shoot bad pictures. As for retirement it is different for every one. I retired from one job, and drove my Wife crazy, so I took a entry level job with a local bank as a courier, just for something to do. I planed on working another year and ended up staying on that job for 13 years and retired from there. Best job a person could want, but paid very little. Drove around all day long listening to country music and meeting lots of very nice people. They offered to move me up to a personal banker, but I was happy with the little courier job. As good as you are at photography I would think there is a calling for your skills. You are so far above any bird photographer that Iv'e seen. You understand your camera and your subjects. I will say this about retirement for anyone, once you retire do things that you want while your still young enough to do them and enjoy them. You retire and then blink and you will be as old as I am, and to old to do all the things you should have while you still could.

Ed an old retired guy

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