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I like the photos. As to what you read, I wonder what possesses a person to make claims such as that.
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But then again everything is a matter of perspective and intent. Therefore I guess you could say the same thing about male humans. :lol :lol Everything else is just happenstance and without purpose to while away the time in between to alleviate boredom. When I was a kid in grammar school I helped my cousin collect butterflies and moths. To this day even after reading a read a book on lepidopterology, I have trouble determining what is a moth and what is a butterfly. But one thing I specifically remember reading was that moths are the pollinators of many plants that open up during the night only and close at dawn. It was said the of all entomology individual species, the moths outnumber any other as a pollinator and without them life on this earth couldn't exist. It also pointed out that the least in number of pollinators were the bees due to their select choice of plants they inhabit. But of interest to me was that with the demise of the common bee, man will die off shortly thereafter. All of these are broad clams / statements with a lot of assumptions. But I do know there are bee studies going around the world trying to figure out why the bee population is dying off. DUUUHHH? Does anyone use insecticides in their garden or yard????. Regardless, insects are interesting and one of my favorite photographic subjects. Shoot more bugs please! With a camera that is. :lol :lol

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