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Kenny, First of all Thank You!!!!.......
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First me say every lens has it's own little quirts, I bought this older Ziess just to shoot bubble bokeh, it has a very unique bokeh and is sharp, that is the reason people buy them, The older Minolta's are underrated, you can't beat them for image quality and Minolta colors and price, however the prices have gone up on them in the last two years because of the mirror less cameras, The old DLSR are dead in the water, they will be worth nothing in a short few more years.

Next I want to say I never buy a lens for sharpness, I always buy a lens because of it's Image Quality, I guess a example of this to help you understand a macro lens is sharp as hell but don't shoot landscapes very well, will it shoot landscapes? sure it will some very well but the IQ drops off compared
to a good landscape lens.

Next Kenny, my new modern day Zeiss a Sony Zeiss 55mm F1.8 Sonnar T FE ZA is one of the highest rated lenses on the market today, it has great IQ and talk about sharp OMG but we are talking about a $1,000 lens, people will spend 4 and 5 thousand for a lens for sharp lens but not this boy.
again don't go by sharpness. so now we will talk more about another lens a Konica Hexanon AR 40 f/1.8 This lens is the best lens I own in my book, this old lens has the best IQ of any lens I have ever seen, it is nothing less than AWESOME, but here is the kicker, it's NOT a artistic lens in witch I like to shoot. I would love to see Ed with this lens on his camera as much landscapes as he shoots.

Now we will talk about focusing on the white flower, All Sony mirrorless cameras has what they call focus peaking, there are three choices red, yellow and white, If you have a white flower you would want to use red for focusing, now what will happen is that white flower will light up in red, when it lights up in red you are in focus and ready to shoot, you can not miss focus, I will pick focus peaking over auto focus any day of the week, That is the very reason I can get away shooting old vintage lenses because I can nail the focus. (not very good for birds in flight)

Now about the swirling movement, that is the way that old Ziess lens shoots, it has a swirl bokeh, I liked that picture because it looks wild :)

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