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Thanks Mark! Your too kind. I love the tractor cartoon. I don't know .......

If the cartoon character is supposed to be me or not but I was focused on the tractor. Believe me my tractor would have that worried look if it were alive. I have learned a fair amount about tractors having had to repair mine over the last 5 years more than a knowledgeable farmer would normally have experienced. Just for one example, think of that worried face on the tractor when I was pushing over a small 40' tall oak tree when the bucket instead of digging into the tree skinned the bark and started riding up the tree. I couldn't get it out of gear with the 4x4 engaged and no resistance on the front wheels. I backed off the throttle and tried again to get it out of gear unsuccessfully and to throw it in reverse with the gears grinding. At that point I was already at a 45 degree angle. So I turned off the key but forward momentum in gear still pushed it to about a 60 degree incline. All this happened in seconds. Thank GOD for seat belts. I managed to get it down by articulating the bucket hydraulics. But it was a bit scary for a few seconds. I remembered the words of the fireman that sold me the tractor. He said I don't think you should buy this tractor because from what you told me you are going to do mostly is land clearing and you need a bulldozer for that. He also said this and the equipment you 're buying ( disc plow, mower, bucket, and narrows ) can be the most dangerous tools you will ever use. I learned the hard way he was right about every one through mistakes. So the face on your tractor fit my circumstance.

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