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ED you might like this! I spent about an hour drawing and coloring this on one of my old T-Shirts as a trial run for my grandson this AM. It will eventually be a one of a kind T-Shirt birthday gift.

I actually did two. I didn't like the first one I did last night around 11:00 pm because I was ending up with black dots on the shirt when I would snag the small pen in the fabric. So I finished it with a Majick Marker. The thicker lines plus the ink running into the fabric quicker with the large marker actually softened the buggery effect. So this morning around 9:00 am I started over again on the other side of my T-shirt. But this time I held the small pen at about a 45 degree angle without ever pausing and moving pretty fast. Very few dots appeared since I did away with the majority of the snags. My wife said places that do this stuff stretch the fabric some but I was in a hurry and I didn't want stretching the material to distort the shape of the face. My tools were nothing but an ultra fine point Sharpie permanent ink pen and a highlighter. Its actually kind of fun to do.

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