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Thanks! Your response was helpful. One time I saw a photo that

while even though the background was black, the main image jumped out from it but in a subtle way. It had a very fine glow just at the edges of the petals. I never knew how they did it and back lighting was my assumption. But it was so fine a distinction it had no effect on the background. This was done back in the 70's before they had all the software they do today. Think in terms of how they sometimes portray an angel in movies with a peripheral glow only toned way down. Your list provided some new tips to me and things I haven't tried. I done spot lighting but never back lighting. I also very, very seldom have used a flash. Even though most cameras for years are integrally programmed to not over expose, they still often change the colors somewhat because of the base camera settings generally assume specific lighting conditions. I just prefer to work with natural light. Thanks again for the detailed response.

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