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Super shot Johnny! But I have a technical question.
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First I want to say I've studied this shot a bit and I can't think of a way to do what I would like to have done with it if I shot it. I've had similar circumstances so this is me asking you what I can do and not any criticism. The flower is beautiful and if you looked back several years before I moved I shot a bunch of iris blooms in the yard where I used to live. Alas we have none here though.

This photo is developed (I know its not film - but you get the point) perfectly from the perspective of the whole subject. That is obvious from its sharpness, color and the detail that can be seen in the tiny pistol in the bloom's funnel. You can't brighten it up more without ruining the fine detail in the white part of the petal or lose the pistol. So here's my question I haven't been able to resolve but would like to know how to do.

Note how the upper part of the bloom seems to dissolve into the darker background. How can you make the upper and extended petals more distinct themselves. Why would I want to do that? The center and white areas steel the show. The whole flower is beautiful! I suppose if I wanted to pull up the plant and put it in a pot and sit it on stand and back light it in front of a dark background in a studio setting that might work. But I don't want to move or ruin the plant. As many shots as you have done I'm hoping you can tell me how I might do it. I'm not even sure back lighting would work in the wild setting because I still would want to preserve the natural background even though dark and blurred and its impossible to control the light. Maybe the real issue is there is so much color variation from dark to light only an HDR shot will do as I would desire. I have as yet not tried one nor do I know if my camera will do it without specialized software. But if you have the time and are inclined, could you do an HDR of the same bloom as an experiment? It may be that what I would like to see is really not going to be as good as I envision it could be.

Thanks for your consideration. I hope I have explained it enough so you can visualize all I would like to see is for the flower as a whole to jump out of its background in a subtle manner. Again I haven't been able to do it but you have a lot more experience and can. I'm not interested in software photo editing fakery.

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