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I hope everyone on the forum and their families have survived to flu season. In my group of 10, 7 have gotten the flu in the last two weeks. I see news that California had 43 deaths. You would think being one of the highest populated states the numbers would be very high. Last week Florida lost its 53. Its rumored most were children. Fortunately for my family it has not been the worst strain evidently. I've laid around more the last week than I did with 3 different surgeries at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017. When money from tourism is the staple and no industry anymore, little is said to discourage people from coming to Florida. Based on CDC website history it looks like its going to be bad for another month anyway. Keep your heads down and away from other people. You might want to minimize your travel for a while. Think of all the recycled air on an airplane.

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