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What's he doing, burning leaves?
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We have not been allowed to do that around here for at least 40 years...air pollution and danger of burning houses down...boy I miss that smell...when I was a kid, every fall weekend whole families would all be out raking the leaves and then burning them...filling the air with that great smell ....there were a lot of oak trees back them...those leaves smelled the best...after that, when burning was banned, everyone raked their leaves to the street and watered them down so kids could not light them on fire, and to prevent them from blowing away, all the streets were lined on both sides with mounds of leaves...then the town would come and sweep them all up.....after time went by everyone started hiring gardeners and landscapers to take care of their yards....those caretakers would remove everything, and the town stopped coming around...funny how a simple picture can bring back those memories...and imagine that pungent smell again

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