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Jim you certainly have more experience at this but,
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you could see shape alright. I really think its an infinity focus issue. You also don't have enough time to make those kind of adjustments. Even if you had multiple cameras shooting simultaneously it would be a hit or miss situation and as they say, you only get one shot for the full transit at that speed. Still I think its amazing to get it at all against that bright of an object. You did a great job.

I tried shooting the rings around the full moon tonight at around 11:30 PM which were beautiful. My good camera battery was dead from lack of use and the phone camera barely picked up any rings even when the whole picture was brightened in processing. The rings indicate a lot of upper ice crystals and its 28 degrees here now. I know my banana trees are dead for sure. I was going to the farm at 4:30 PM and the truck battery wouldn't even produce a click or turn on the cab lighting let alone turn over the engine. Funny thing is last week it would have been replaced for free but today I only get about a 1/3 of the purchase price during replacement.

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