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Look I know its a lousy photo but I thought it was funny!

I just happened to be walking past our door side light window which is due to be replaced because its foggy having lost its seal. Its also dirty. Never the less it was the only window where I could see our cat laying on the dog's left rear hind quarter while they were both sleeping. They were about 40 feet away too. I knew if I opened the door they would jump up and I would never get what I wanted. They heard me bump the glass window while I was trying to get a cleaner shot and they started to arise so I instantly took this phone camera snap shot. I just think its funny that the dog lets the cat lay all over him at times. Tonight the dog was laying on the back porch with the cat under one of its paws while the neighbor's cat was eating both of their foods not 5 feet away from them.

Again its a lousy photo, just an amusing anti-sterotype situation. Reminds me of a line in the movie Ghost Busters where Bill Murray is ranting before the Bishop about end times where dogs will be lying down with cats, etc etc etc.

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