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COOL! I used to love it when my cousins would go hunting with me when I was about 13 and we walked down trails that had banana spider webs everywhere.

Some of those webs were 10 - 12 feet across and 5 foot high. Many times tiny birds got caught in them and I was able to free a few of them. If I was lucky one of my cousins would walk into one and they would thrash around hollering, etc. The biggest worry was them dropping their shot gun or initially swinging it into you but it was worth the risk to see the show that followed. Sometimes they would fall on the ground slapping at anything they felt or thought they felt on them. Of course I didn't help matters much by saying one was on their back or head at times. The funny thing was the supposed tough guy bigger than the rest was the most reactionary. He was a real sucker for having multiple spiders on him too. We were never really close after that winter. I didn't like him anyway. He and his brother was the one who thought they could get me hurt by challenging me to ride young steers with no rope or anything. But that's a different story.

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