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You make me laugh Jim! I enjoyed my old professional monitor where all the colors could truly be calibrated.
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But a las people weren't seeing what I was seeing, on the whole anyway. So ENJOY what you are seeing recognizing that there's going to be differences no matter what. I will say as a whole your photos are the brightest of anyone's posts over the long haul anyway. So I doubt anyone will notice any real difference. We all love your posts. That fully calibration monitor is for your enjoyment and not ours. Remember when you are changing / calibrating it only changes what you see and not what is stored as pixel information its receiving. The bottom line is regardless what frequency the pixel data says, each monitor is always going to have some variation. I did look up the algorithm for a few monitors though and the calibration is based upon a certain number of pixels in a specific area at a specific time so its also an averaging of which the visible spectrum is not always what's measured but rather the current differential.

You'll get no complaints from me!

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