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Wednesday morning I awakened at 5:30 AM with a screaming headache and pain in my throat thinking I must have an aneurism because my blood pressure was 200+ over 127 with roaring tinitus and extreem pressure behind both eyes. I took to asprin to thin my blood a little in case it turned into a blood clot and a stroke stroke and then planned on heading to the nearest hospital. Time is of the essence. I woke my wife up to take me in case I passed out and wrecked my truck and possibly injured someone else. I'm still in the hospital under observation and they want me to stay at least 2 weeks. After examination and two confirmations via two CT scans, a sub-arrachnoid hemorrhage of the brain was determined to be the cause. Here's a link. Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (SAH) - Neurologic Disorders - Merck Manuals Professional Edition. The blood pooling behind the eyes and in the brain causes the extreme pain. So I've been confined to a hospital bed for a while arguing that not only can I walk to the bathroom by myself I have a right to. Since this is a neurological condition I transfer to another hospital, the only one within 200 miles that had experience in this condition. Even the physical examination process can do permanent brain damage much less actual surgical repair. Anyone who has gone through repair has had significant changes in brain function and personality. Well that would be one potential benefit for me! But its not enough to know what it is to repair it. First you must locat the actual point of rupture in the brain. Most of yesterday was spent doing two different contrast die angiograms and followed up with insertion of an endoscopic camera in my groin and pushed it up and around my brain and it's 4 major arteries only to not find the point of rupture. This was not a comfortable exercise to say the least. Worse yet my personality is still as bad as it always was. Day after tomorrow they are going to expand the diagnostic a porch to a more accurate MRI and include the possibility of a tumor rupturing just below my cranium in my neck. Its getting better all the time. Frankly I'm getting tired of being bed ridden and not allowed a good shower. It just shows with all our technology we still can't do what should be a simple task. The blood has quit coming out for the moment but the slightest pressure can start it up again and cause bleeding to death before anything can be done. I've been fussing with the doctors and saying I could die just as quickly walking across the street so its time to think out of the box and take some calculated risks. You have to recognize its hard to spot a leak when everthing is covered in blood. Maybe I'm stupid but in a case like this I see no reason to worry about what I can't change. .... What will be will be!

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