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Any motorized toy (boat, snowmobile,etc) requires a lot of maintenance that isn't used all year. I spent ....
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all day yesterday draining 25 gallons of bad diesel out of my tractor, redoing some lines, replacing filters, and today I'm pulling the injector pump because it won't work. It cost me $850 3 years ago to repair the same pump for lack of use. With my three surgeries this past year I couldn't take bouncing around on my tractor so it just sat most of the year. I should have at least drained the fuel prom the pump. But I still have problems getting in the awkward positions sometimes required in mechanic work. I re-learned that two weeks ago repairing my grandson's car. Oh the fun of getting older! :lol I won't do mechanic work when it gets cold and that's when things seem to go bad. I don't envy your snow one bit.

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