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I disagree with "your photos aren't salable." you might not sell as many as others but only because you don't have as many to sell. Everyone has a like for certain things and you have to research what sells the most of available options in your area. Lots of people want photos for as many reasons as there are people. Even if your photos weren't good there's someone out there who has a like for something. If that weren't true, many of the artists work would never have been sold. Even then most of an artist's work isn't sold because of its desirability but because of the value of his/her name and a person's ego to own something with a status name even if it is crap. So you have a great niche in that you can market Iowa. Have you ever researched on Ebay to see what is selling with the niche of Iowa? Even if its not existent it doesn't cost anything but a little time to create it. Your going to take the photos anyway. I like your art and photos. We don't see enough countryside as it is in photos. That's just one of the things Ron is superb at! Besides I'm not being sexist but whaat women doesn't like your butterfy or bird photos?

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