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Expodisc - Getting your white balance right and saving time in the long run

I notice all the time photos that seem to be off color. Normally its related to miss setting or understanding of white balance. Most of us predominantly use AWB or auto white balance thinking it will resolve our ignorance on the need to have a properly set white balance. I know I'm guilty of this all the time and the only time I concern myself with it is indoor shots or those I'm concerned about being the best I can do because of their personal value. Most of us address this issue through post processing which can be time consuming and complicated. I've historically just used a white card but have come around to the idea of using an Expodisc2. Yes it does take some time to get used to it .... especially if you have a Canon Camera which requires more steps than others simply because they incorporate more segments into their AWB algorithm. Below is a link to a series of 5 short videos on white balance and they are pretty good and informative. Below is only the first link. I have to admit I almost screech when I hear the narrator say Calvin when he should be saying Kelvin in regards to temperature of the light spectrum. But my hearing is poor at best so I still laud this video. Enjoy it and take more photos! P.S. I would suggest scrolling to the bottom of the web site and watch the first video and then afterwards read the pros and cons you skipped over. Feel free to chime in on what you think. I think most people will be surprised to find the answers to some questions they have but never asked.

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