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Yesterday I did my 300 mile every 6 months trip to my kidney doctor for tests and monitoring kidney stones and function. On the return trip about 5 miles apart on opposite sides of the interstate I came upon two wrecks, The first one involved at least one vehicle and it took me almost an hour to go 3 miles. They hadn't started putting up the barricades until I was already stopped and emergency vehicles were having to arrive by driving down the median. Bystanders were clearing the roadway of debris before official people arrived. It was located about 15 miles from any exit in any direction. I posted 3 snap shots as I drove through but took a dozen. Except for these 3 the sun was behind the wreck. After I got through this one I came upon one on the other side of the interstate at an exist to a truck weigh station. It appeared the straight through traffic didn't move over for the semi and instantly 2 cars were involved and 1 pickup as well. The pickup was completely engulfed in flames as I drove by but due to trees in the median and the angle slightly behind me I couldn't get a photo. That one happened only a minute before I got there because even the officers at the weigh station were just running to the accident from a hundred yards away.

So what is the vehicle or vehicles up against the bridge pier?

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