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You almost wonder how some of the very early ones stayed in the air

My father would have been able to identify almost every one of them..he was a Navy pilot in WW2.....I can get a few of them but not too many
When I first went to college I was working for a degree in Aircraft Operation Technology......wound up with just liberal arts...but I did buy into a 1962 Piper Tripacer...nice little 4 seat tail dragger and did learn to fly...the expense made me give it up when I got married.
In September 1985 we had the plane being inspected and hurricane Gloria hit us...the last time we had seen the plane it was inside a hangar.....well they took it outside and tied her down.....the roof blew off the hangar during the hurricane and landed right on top of our sweet little toy...and a few others too....all we were able to salvage was the radio....four of us chipped in $800 each when we bought it ...we got $30 for the radio

Anyway I really enjoyed the pictures and thank you for passing it along

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