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JOHNNY! OR ANYONE interested in viewing old aircraft.

I have been cleaning files off one of my computers and came across something you might want to look at regarding old aircraft. Rather than send you the power point presentation I found a link this morning where it came from. So here's a link to 73 slides of old aircraft if you want to look at them.

I suggest pasting the internet link in your browser rather than using the Depot band width viewing it. Or you can google "Old School Aircraft" on the internet. My file is 5.19 Mb and quicker to look at and load if you want it. Send me you internet address and I'll reply with the file attached. Another option is to go on the internet and download the file yourself. I've had it since about 2010 and look at it every year. Wish I had any one of them even if it was to just sit in it on the ground.

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