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Here's your English setter Kenny :)

Our Daughters dog some friend of hers won playing cards and gave to her. The dogs name is Babe and was a dog that loved to hunt. English setters are great hunters, but get to be a little rangy, getting to far out. Babe had to be put down when she was about seven because of cancer. Her loss hurt all of us. I told my Son that he could have the original of this painting, but a guy offered me a price I couldn't turn down, so I sold it. Worst thing I could have did. I made prints of it to sell and offered him a framed print and he didn't want it. The Daughter that actually owned Babe took the print and has it hanging in her living room. The family that bought it both have since passed away. I tried to buy it from their Son, but his siblings didn't want to sell it back to me. Bummer and my Wife let me know her opinion. So it's a sad day Babe is gone and so is her portrait original.


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