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She was the one who voiced that she didn't want to deal with or be tied down with a dog right now. It was funny to me because most people wouldn't have touched that dog it stunk so bad. She's been the one that feeds it the most and I've been the bad guy who gives it the undesirable treatments and the baths. That dog likes her a lot more than me and if you watched him you would see it. He stays out of reach most times with me but not her. I think he thinks I'm going to do those bad things to him and I do.

He hates to ride in the truck but I take him anyway every now and then to get him used to it. But if I don't catch him in the back yard before I'm going in the visible direction of the truck you won't catch that little bugger. He's smart and to avoid you he will run under the porch a lay where he has stashed his half dozen toys. He really is smart and has a mind all his own. He knows his name but will ignore you if he wants to do something else.

He's at the point he will follow me anywhere but towards the truck. He will run up an nip the back of my pants but when you reach for him he's going to stay out of reach. I gradually increase the lengths of our walks and we are up to about 3/4 mile now. I never have to try to get him to walk with me. He does that on his own if he hears me go outside. If I'm outside he's going to be near and usually will lie down near when he's tired. He now follows me into the shop which is about 100 yards from the house and I leave the door open when I'm working inside. He's constantly in and out and he has a mat he lies on while watching me. But if he gets bored he heads down the hill and lays on the back porch right next to the door.

Only in the last week would he let me touch him while he eats. He wants to play all the time but don't try and grab him. Its fun watching him grow so fast and note his mannerisms. Like yesterday he likes to try and get the cat to play chase like he does with me but the cat is old and wants no part of it. So the cat puts on a show like he's going to slap him and the dog just stands in his face or jumps up and down without closing the gap. After a bit the cat will turn and walk off when the dog seems to have tired of no interaction. Oh I like him but truthfully don't give him enough attention. Only a kid could do that. When my son's three boys are here they wear him out after a full morning and he seeks rest and solitude under the porch.

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