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What was the most recent photo op you missed out on and regretted?

What made me think of this is something that happened the other day. I could stage the situation but that's not the same to me as far as memories go. For instance the puppy my wife found about starved to death has made a real come back through mange, worms, and the early effects of rickets. Now it finally plays and is twice its size in a month and a half but it doesn't bark yet.

Anyway I was picking up tree limbs yesterday in the front yard that had fallen from a storm the night before. As I was doing so, I heard something right behind me as I was starting to carry stuff to my burn pile about 75 yards away. I noticed the puppy had picked up a small limb and was dragging it while following me. I wouldn't have seen it except I heard the limb scraping on the sidewalk. There was no coxing him to do it and I didn't even know he had come around to the front of the house where he stays. I hollered for my wife to come outside and take a photo but she never responded and all I did was scare the puppy when I hollered. So he dropped his limb and ran to the back yard. When I told her about it she said yeah she saw it but was on the phone. AAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

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