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Iowa farm ground

As long as I know trees have never been a problem on Iowa farms except on fence lines with mulberries and hedge apples, but then a lot of chemicals are put on farm ground to keep it clean. The small farmer is almost a thing of the past anymore. My friend was one of few left and now his farm has been sold to a guy who farms big. My friends farm was a century farm meaning it was owned by the same family for over a 100 years. There was no way his family could have been able to keep the farm. Kind of a shame, but its life out there on the farms now days. You can tell by looking at the Amish farms that even them look to be some kind of coop. For those who have never been to Iowa, it is mile after mile of wide open space, with lots of corn and soy beans. Use to be lots of cattle feeders, but not as many these days. When I was in the Amish area the other day I could smell the animals they were raising. If your from here the odor doesn't become offensive, as it does to city folks. :)

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