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There were actually 2 kites supporting can see the lines rising above and to the left

Your story reminds me of a time my brother and I were in a tackle shop and bought a spool of line...I think it was only about 12 lb test, but it was really cheap and it was over a mile on the spool...a few days later we were out in Montauk on the beach and had a kite......we had not intended to use the fishing line, but that is what we did to fly the kite...we were on the beach and flying the kite over the town of Montauk almost a mile away...the wind kicked up and the kite started going around in the sky in a big circle...we tried to reel it in. but on the last circle it was making it just dove ...somewhere in the time it seemed really funny to us, just hope no one got harpooned by it

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