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Mark some more FMC stuff off topic

The name Link Belt, I believe came from chain drives in some machines. Most machines that I had any thing to do with were large gear driven. When the company first started in Chicago I think, it was called Speeder. The company moved to Cedar Rapids and it eventually changed again to Link Belt Speeder. From there it was bought out by FMC Corporation. I believe some machines then had the FMC name only on them. The name Link Belt as you can see on the counter weights is in really big letter, because the Link Belt was the Cadillac of machines. People worried when FMC took over the place, but they actually helped the company grow on a world stage. In June 1985 FMC Link Belt closed its doors in Cedar Rapids and moved everything to Lexington and Bowling Green Kentucky. From what I've been told, they sold off most all of the small line of machines keeping only the large models. The small ones you see around now are made in Japan. They are a very neat looking machines. FMC Cedar Rapids employed about 2000 people in this area, so the loss of the plant was a major blow. 1985 was a rough year for all heavy machine business. The name FMC was always a mystery to everyone. We were told it meant food, machine, chemicals. Not sure on that any more. I wish digital cameras would have been available back then I could have taken lots of cool pictures. I was one of the last to be let go on June 26 1985. I eventually retired from FMC. I do look forward to seeing all of the former FMC employees at the yearly dinner,

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