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I knew who you worked for...their equpment continues to build all over New York...I always see them in the City
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And since I have known about your involvement with them I think of you every time I see one...actually I remember being fascinated as a kid by the casting on these machines with the names across the back and wondered where some of the names came from ( Buffalo Springfield for instance) a lot of Matiniwoc and Kohatsus around now, whereas it used to be all American made...but I have always wondered how they melt that much iron and get such perfect lettering.

You suggested that I might be bored hearing about your draft table....some people might be, but I actually am fascinated by learning how stuff like that has been done....people doing it now probably cannot even picture how it was done before seems like it was a true skill...something to look forward to each day on the way to work

Grumman Aerospace was at one time the largest employer on Long Island...they were bought a long time ago, but Grumman retirees get together pretty regularly.....everyone hears about the gatherings and those of us who do not attend ( because we were not employees) are always envious of the great camaraderie and good fellowship they must be something nice to look forward to when you know one of those events is coming up.

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