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Yes she is 103. She is in really great shape, and up on everything. As for the company I worked for, they closed their plant here in my town ,and moved it to Kentucky, and sold a lot of their designs to japan. There was some problems that caused this shut down here, but I wont get into that. I will be going to another dinner this Saturday evening that is called an alumni dinner. The plants been gone from here for years, but this dinner will still draw about 125 people. It is a proud American company and its people still think a lot of each other. When you see the name LINK BELT on a crane or trenchhoe machine I probably played a part in that machines being. My job as a draftsman was to take a drawing of a part and redraw it to full size on mylar plastic paper. Burning machines would follow my indian ink lines and cut out the part. My drafting table was 6 foot wide and 24 foot long. I use to have to crawl around on top of my table making the drawing. This is the way we did things before computers. Bet you really wanted to hear this. :)

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