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got up 3AM and stayed out till sky started to brighten about 445, I probably saw at least 100 meteors most not too bright, but quite a few bright ones as well, only captured a few , i was going with no Noise reduction but got too noisy and switched it on, so was only exposing one part of sky half the time as NR takes as much time as the exposure, and inevitably the best ones came when shutter wasn't open, also the best one I saw was only 8 frames in, I was using the self timer intervolometer shooting 10 consecutive shots with a half second between them, for 20 second exposures at ISO 1600 and F4, I should have used F2.8.. may try again tonight if we stay clear... should go somewhere with darker and more open skies, but I'm tired already
converted to black and white, the lens kept fogging making funky colors, probably blocked a lot of light too.. shot from various directions from my yard between trees

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