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Re: did a guy named Rube Goldberg design it?

Rube Goldberg had to use what was handy too! That's why it wasn't a real design. The posts are 8' sections of trees I pushed or pulled over putting in a perimeter road. The inside bottom has logs stapled to the wire so if rooting under is attempted they have to fight against the stiffness of the wire and the weight of the logs. The top smaller logs are to prevent the hogs from going over the top and pushing down the wire. At roughly 2' spacing the top togs are tied to the fence by wire to stiffen the wire perimeter as well. The wire ties are from taking town my electric fence. So everything has been used a couple of times one way or another. The logs were destined to be either firewood or shooting backstops anyway. Read or watch the movie what they had to do to survive on the Apollo 13 mission.

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